Meet icurio.

For your K-12 district to make a successful transition to digital, you need more than the right technology. You need the right content, right instruction, right delivery, and right engagement – plus a shift in instructional practice to bring it all to life. Only one learning engagement solution offers all this in one seamless package.

Hello from Mooresville

See how icurio is successfully helping blended learning at Mooresville Graded School District, NC

Meet icurio.

icurio is the only learning engagement solution that starts with a powerful foundation of 360,000+ educator-curated, standards-aligned open educational resources (OER). Add to that powerful instruction tools, streamlined delivery, real-time insights into student understanding and personalized feedback at the point of learning – and you have a complete solution to support your district’s digital conversion. Learn more …

The Right Outcomes

Optimize learning time, maximize your district’s investment, and personalize learning to better prepare students for college and career. Learn more …

Success Stories

Discover how icurio is helping administrators and teachers increase engagement, personalize learning, and add rigor, while transforming the classroom and the way students learn. Learn more …