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For the staff, icurio offers promise and relief with the Common Core State Standards. Teachers are just beginning to understand the Common Core State Standards, let alone try to find resources aligned with them, and icurio is the perfect answer for that.

  • Philip Ehrhardt
  • Superintendent
  • Benjamin School District, IL

Alignment to Common Core State Standards

Partnering with Academic Benchmarks, the premier standards data services provider to K-12 education, to align our resources to standards, we ensure resource alignment happens at the deepest level of the standards: first, we deconstruct each of the standards, then our educators review every resource to verify alignment with the intent of the Common Core State Standards. To ensure our resources address the most current standards, we update standards every quarter and realign resources accordingly.

Publishers’ Criteria

The authors of the Common Core State Standards designed the Publishers’ Criteria to guide publishers, curriculum developers and content providers in supporting faithful implementation of the standards. Content and tools in icurio have been intentionally aligned to the Publishers’ Criteria to ensure we are delivering a solution that fully supports teachers and students in meeting the higher expectations articulated by the new standards.

For details on how icurio aligns to the Publishers’ Criteria for Common Core State Standards, please download the documents below:

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If your school district needs digital resources and learning tools to support new instructional strategies and to address the depth and rigor of the Common Core State Standards, then you need icurio!

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