Learnetic Math and Science Resources

The Learnetic Math and Science digital curriculum content collection answers the STEM learning challenge for teachers and students alike. With compelling lessons from Learnetic, teachers can help students understand how the things they’re learning in school apply to real life.

  • 200 digital math and science lessons
  • Aligned with science and math standards for grades 6 through 8
  • Aligns with many learning styles
  • Uses real-world applications and activities to reinforce real life

Learnetic Math and Science lessons make learning interactive, compelling and fun. Students build their mathematical understanding and scientific knowledge in small steps with plenty of feedback. When combined with icurio’s learning engagement solution, Learnetic empowers teachers to:

  • Address multiple learning styles
  • Cover a comprehensive math and science curriculum
  • Differentiate instruction based on individual student learning needs
  • Engage and motivate every student
  • Simplify lesson planning

Help your students discover how the mastery of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can lead to a rewarding college and professional career.

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