Introducing icurio

Introducing icurio

MGSD has made the strategic decision to implement icurio because it affords each MGSD student the ability to use data rich content to meet their individual needs. In this 21st century teaching and learning environment, icurio is a natural fit for MGSD to reach every child, every day!

  • Dr. Scott S. Smith
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Mooresville Graded School District, NC
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Funding Alternatives

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Introducing icurio.

The digital curriculum content solution for personalized learning, delivers dynamic, standards-aligned content to learners so they can learn their way and gives teachers more time and flexibility to create engaging lessons that target individual student needs… removing barriers to learning and improving achievement.

Personalized learning… endless opportunities for mastery!

  • Over 330,000 digital resources for all K-12 curriculum areas aligned with state and Common Core standards.
  • Supports the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework.
  • Flexible, dynamic content can easily be targeted to differentiate instruction for all students.
  • Address learning outcomes for every class, every lesson, every student.
  • Improve student engagement with videos, text, learning games, images, simulations, and more.
UDL Framework

Endless opportunities for mastery… icurio.

  • Differentiate Instruction

    Flexible, dynamic content can easily be targeted to differentiate instruction for all students, including those who struggle to read English, those who learn at a different pace or in a different way, and students seeking extended learning opportunities.

  • Focus on Achievement

    Go directly from state standards to aligned digital content that effectively addresses learning outcomes for every class, every lesson, every student.

  • Save Time Planning Lessons

    Teachers can quickly and easily locate, organize, and share engaging, standards-aligned learning content for planning and teaching… saving valuable time and increasing efficiency across the district.

  • Improve Student Engagement

    icurio gives students choices like videos, text, time-based resources, learning games, images, simulations, and more… keeping them connected to learning and helping them learn essential concepts, their way.

The bottom line… icurio.

Dynamic curriculum content, a focus on individual student needs, instructional objectives… all coming together to help every student achieve. And the support you need to make it all happen. That’s icurio.

To find out how icurio can help you bridge from fixed traditional content to dynamically digital content… and help students achieve their true potential, call 1.855.KNOVATE today!