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MGSD has made the strategic decision to implement icurio because it affords each MGSD student the ability to use data rich content to meet their individual needs. In this 21st century teaching and learning environment, icurio is a natural fit for MGSD to reach every child, every day!

  • Dr. Mark Edwards
  • Superintendent
  • Mooresville Graded School District, NC

icurio. From the right content to the right engagement. All in one place.

As you shift from “traditional” classrooms and printed textbooks to a blended learning environment, using free open educational resources (OER) presents exciting opportunities to personalize learning and reduce instructional materials costs.

But vetting thousands of digital resources, organizing them, incorporating them into instruction and delivering them to students can be time-consuming and challenging for your teachers.

One learning engagement solution makes things much simpler.
It’s called icurio. And it starts with a powerful foundation of the right content.

Digital Content – Comprehensive, Standards-aligned, Organized
icurio includes Knovation’s library of 360,000+ open educational resources (OER)—each one hand-selected, contextualized and aligned to standards by expert educators to ensure quality, relevancy and comprehensive coverage for every grade, subject and learner. And with icurio, you can easily structure and organize digital resources according to your district curriculum, easing the transition away from textbooks. Read more

Efficiently and effectively use digital resources to meet today’s instructional objectives.

Meaningfully connect to the right resources that make learning more engaging, more personal and ultimately, more successful.

Practically and cost-effectively provide teachers and students across every K-12 grade and subject with comprehensive access to the very best of OER, all in one place.

  • Save tens of thousands of instructional materials dollars
  • Return hundreds of hours back to teachers
  • Increase student engagement inside and outside the classroom
  • Improve personalized learning for every student

From the right content to the right engagement. All in one place.

The right content provides a powerful foundation, but it’s just the start. icurio was designed to grow with your district and provides the support your teachers and students need each step of the way as they transition to engaging, personalized blended learning.

No other solution provides your district with such a powerful combination of the right content, instruction, delivery, engagement, and professional learning and support:

Comprehensive, Standards-aligned Content

360,000+ standards-aligned digital resources for K-12, each hand-selected and contextualized by expert educators to ensure safety and relevancy to grade, subject, and learner.

Streamlined Delivery

Access content and build lessons in one interface. Then seamlessly deliver activities to students on a wide range of devices.

Professional Learning and Support

Knovation is committed to preparing teachers for a successful transition to blended learning. That’s why we support every icurio implementation with ongoing professional learning throughout your subscription.

Powerful Instruction Builder

Lets teachers easily create relevant, tailored, student-centered instruction that differentiates learning and addresses the intent of college- and career-ready standards.

Engagement at the Point of Learning

Real-time personalized feedback allows the teacher to shift from director to guide, keeping students motivated, focused, and actively engaged in their learning.

Perfect for personalized learning.
  • Access 360,000+ digital resources for all K-12 curriculum areas, curated and aligned with state and Common Core standards
  • Improve student engagement with videos, text, learning games, images, simulations, and more
  • Combine flexible, dynamic content in unique ways to address learning outcomes for the whole class, small groups or individual students
  • Increase teacher insight into student understanding
  • Provide personalized feedback at the point of learning

The Right All-in-One Solution for Your Digital Shift

  • Find & Organize Content

    Make the shift to digital for about 1/10th the cost of a textbook with 360,000 curated, contextualized, standards-aligned digital learning resources from a broad range of content providers.

  • Design Digital Instruction

    Enable teachers to create relevant, student-centered lessons and learning experiences that embrace individual learning styles and address the intent of college- and career-ready standards.

  • Deliver Resources and Activities to Students

    Facilitate learning seamlessly in a blended learning environment with everything you need – all in one place. Then seamlessly deliver activities to students on a wide range of devices.

  • Provide Personalized Feedback

    Activate learning and address individual learning needs with targeted resources, differentiated activities and personalized feedback.

  • Professional Learning

    Help improve educator practice and effectiveness and prepare your teachers for the shift to blended learning with the professional learning plan that best addresses your needs, included with every icurio subscription.

The right choice for the right outcomes.

With the right solution and the support you need to make the transformation a reality, you get the outcomes you’re after – personalized learning, increased student engagement and confidence, higher achievement, and improved readiness for college and career.

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